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Tuner Frequency Adjustment

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  • Tuner Frequency Adjustment

    Is it possible to adjust the FM tuner frequency?

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    why are most of the posts here unanswered?


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      Originally posted by Ramymounir View Post
      why are most of the posts here unanswered?
      Blade, the plugin author, has his own help desk portal. I'd suggest creating a ticket there: He's very responsive through that method.

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      Z-Wave 126 Nodes on one Z-Net


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        Yes you can set the frequentie directly, or set your tuner to a defined preset.
        The code for setting the preset is:

        actionset= "TPANB2" 'This set radio tuner to preset B2
        reply = hs.PluginFunction("BLDenon","","SendRawCommand", actionset) 'Response is current frequentie

        I use a script which i call with HStouch which passes the selected value of a listbox to this script. Offcourse this is not the complete script but you could work with this.
        As im now using the Denon for video i cannot give you the code for frequentie setting but that is documented in the rs232 document of Denon.

        edit: if you google for AVR-3808CISerialProtocol_Ver5.2.0a".pdf" you should be able to find it.


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          Other than some volume sliders on HSTouch, I find myself using SendRawCommand nearly all the time. I find that it is definitely worth learning the "Denon serial protocol" to control speaker configurations, surround modes and etc -- everything beyond simple power, volume, and source selection.