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  • Loss of connection

    Great Plugin thanks one less need for IR communication! I have a Denon AVR 2113 and live in the UK. I have been using the Scripting interface but have one niggling Issue.

    1) Sometimes the connection "drops out" and the only way to restore is to reboot HS. Is there a way to re-establish comms without an HS restart?. I have tried unplugging Denon, etc but that does not work. I am using a fixed IP address and the default port.

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    That is odd. I have not had that issue reported.
    It is a TCP connection so it should reconnect.
    Log a help desk ticket on my site.
    Enable debug logging in the options page and capture the issue, the disable debug logging and attach the BLDenon-Detailed.log file zipped to the ticket
    I can then what is going on
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      Thanks I will do but as ever its one of those things that sometimes happens. At first I thought it was the "un-ability" of the Denon to handle more than one session or session time out issue but I thought that would be cured by switching the receiver on and off. I will try and find a repeatable method but suspect it might be something not to do with your plugin as it appears to be an issue only if I do some zwave management. I will do no mucking around of any sort for a couple of weeks to see if its a problem on a stable system. I have had no issues until I bought a new zwave sensor and tried to get it to work with HS. Not sure how its related but........ Thanks for your quick response I will get back to you with Log file if appropriate I don't want you to waste your time chasing shadows