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AVR-4306, plugin doesn't set values on receiver

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  • AVR-4306, plugin doesn't set values on receiver

    I can change the values in the Device Management area. It makes the status changes on the HS web server, but those changes don't seem to replicate to the Denon. Additionally, if the BLDenon plugin is running and I send a command through it, the Denon's built in website no longer responds or refreshes unless I disable the BLDenon plugin. It is like it is DoS'ed by the plugin with commands it can't successfully process.

    Should I be setting the plug in to port 80 or port 23? Any ideas what could be going wrong? I'd really like to buy this plug in because I can control all the AV things (ex. Roku) through the wall except for this piece. Also, it is better to leave the RaspberryPi's at ~95% volume and adjust the amp. There is less distortion. This plugin would allow that.

    Much thanks,

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    port 23 os working for me, but me to can't figure out how to make it work. it responds to the main commands like power on/off, volume increase/decrease, and mute/unmute

    the only video inputs that work are DVD, and media player.. everything else no response.. is this your problem too?

    did you manage to solve it?


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      I never got any responses from the plug in developer/owner. Since this is a non-free plugin, I just uninstalled it and control the volume from the source going in. Disappointing and a workaround. This is extra disappointing because I have the same receiver he used to make the plugin. It is many, many years old, but it still works well.


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        You might want to log a ticket on Blade's own help desk site. He's always been very responsive in supporting his plugins, so somehow he may not be getting notifications for this part of the forum. The link to it is in his signature:

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          Thanks for the tip. I'll give that a shot. I would still prefer to use his plugin. Turning down the volume on my DAC is more likely to introduce noise than turning down the power on the Denon's analog amp. Also, it would be nice to have it turn on and off as needed via HS. Right now, it needs to stay on all the time unless I want to make a trip to the basement. His PI would fix all that


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            i opened a ticket, but Blade seems to be very busy.. this is th 6 day i believe and still no response since last communication.. i am wondering what is the solution for Denon owners?!