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Please provide Plugin details incl. test case results, release notes & compatibility.

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  • Please provide Plugin details incl. test case results, release notes & compatibility.

    I'm building a new home and integrating automation from the ground up including lights, motion, fans, security, video surveillance and audio/video. The audio set includes McIntosh, Marantz, Martin Logan, Bowers & Wilkins and 4k Smart TV technology to deliver a whole house audio and home theatre experience. A cornerstone of the plan is automation of my Marantz SR7012 and Marantz SR 5013 receivers which brought me to Homeseer and your Marantz Plugin. Both the 7012 and 5013 support multi-channel, multi-zone and presets. So my question has multiple parts as follows:

    1) Please provide test cases and results for the testing that was done. I'm very interested in understanding the level and extent of the plug-in's design point and verified capabilities.
    2) Model Numbers for the receivers included in the testing and the Homeseer Hardware / System configuration for the testing. e.g. Homeseer devices & software and method of communication between controller and receiver. If multiple configurations were tested that would be really good to know.
    4) Marantz receivers currently supported by this Plugin
    5) Plugin release note history including features/enhancements and bug fixes.
    6) Planned enhancements

    Based on the posts at this forum, it appears the plugin has been around since Jan 2016 (if not longer) so hopefully the information is readily available I'm excited about Homeseer technology but, before investing significant time and capital in this direction, I need to get a better understanding of the Marantz solution.