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    Detect Sonos Input


    I would like to make a HomeSeer event that is conditional based on whether my Marantz NR1605 is playing the Spotify Connect input.

    In the Device List, the Marantz device (Marantz NR1605 - Z1AudioInput) does indicate which input the receiver is set to, and this updates quickly when I externally change the input on the receiver. However, when the receiver's input changes to Spotfy, the Marantz NR1605 - Z1AudioInput field does not change, it just stays stuck on the previous input.

    Is it possible to configure the BLMarantz plugin to detect when my receiver is playing Spotify?


    I would need to add that - can u add a feature request on my web site
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      I've done some more digging. It appears that the Spotify input / source is the "Online Music" source. The IP command / code for that input appears to be SINET. (NB. This is different from the "Internet Radio" source which has the code SIIRADIO)

      I have managed to use a script which queries the receiver and it responds showing the source (SINET), however this reply takes several seconds to return and would be too slow to incorporate into an event as a condition.

      What would be ideal is if somehow the BLMarantz plugin could also report when the receiver is on the "Online Music" (ie. NET) source.

      The plugin seems to correctly report all the other sources that the Marantz may be on, but it just seems to ignore when it's playing Spotify (ie. set on "Online Music")

      Thanks again in advance for any help anyone can offer!


        Thanks Blade for the reply.

        I also just realised I titled this thread Sonos instead of Spotify

        I'll add the feature request. Thanks!