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Doesn't seem like status updates

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    Doesn't seem like status updates

    The first thing I tried was turning on power to zone 2. It seemed to turn on the power. The graphic changed for status, but the text says, "Not Set"
    - Tom

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    I duplicated this on my Onkyo as well
    Try 2.0.50 in the updater
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      I am using PI on HS3 Standard (SEL) Edition - Onkyo TX-NR709

      The plugin currently has a Refresh of 15 seconds (Testing this change from 10 seconds because MP3 playback audio stuttered during playback over network)

      Most of the device statuses change and update correctly, except:
      {device name} - Power
      {device name} - Input [including the pulldown - Always changes back to NET, and device status says "DVD"]

      I can select the proper mode for each of these within HomeSeer, but the status does not 'stick', or if is changed from handheld remote or front of receiver.

      Also, If the Power is changed from the handheld remote of front of receiver, the Device status does not update to the current setting within HomeSeer. So, if the Power status says "ON", but the Receiver is really "STANDBY", Then the "Toggle" function does nothing, unless you select it twice.

      What change can I make so the status is more reliable for these?

      Thanks in advance