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Integra DRX Series Volume Control Algorithm Changed

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    Integra DRX Series Volume Control Algorithm Changed

    Integra made a change in the volume control function in their new DRX Series. I believe it was to make it more granular. As a result, the actual volume output is 1/2 of the indicated value in this PI. The same issue occurred with the Simple Control app and they had to make a change. They told me Integra issued a bulletin in Fall 2017 indicating this.

    When a volume level is set at 80, the actual volume indicated on the receiver screen is 40. The volume level is now insufficient. Any way this can be fixed in the PI?

    Can you log a ticket on my help desk and attach a debug log of you capturing a volume change
    Let me know what you set it to in the plugin and what you see on the receiver so I can trace thru the debug
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