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TX-NR1008's NET music streaming requires manual navigation controls

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  • kideon
    On mine it’ll automatically switch sources to net and grab from whatever’s coming even in standby. If I’m doing something like watching a movie it’ll keep the video and play the audio from the net source. It’s a 2017 nr 673 with the latest firmware so maybe yours can?

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  • TX-NR1008's NET music streaming requires manual navigation controls

    My Onkyo TX-NR1008 AVR has no discrete button for selecting a Music Server. Instead, a single NET / USB Source selector button must be toggled to one of three sources (NET/USB/iRadio), followed by a succession of nested selections made via the AVR's front panel (or IR Remote's) navigation controls. QUESTION: Is there a reliable method within BLOnkyo or ??? for invoking the predetermined sequence of UP / DOWN, LEFT / RIGHT, and OK commands needed to effectively select a specific Music Server choice? At the receiver's control panel, it takes four DOWN presses, one SELECT press, two more DOWN presses and two final SELECT presses just to dial in a Tidal HD music stream originating on a specific Windows PC. If I could just automate those Onkyo button presses, my wife could put on music by herself once again.

    TIA - Dan the LAN Man