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    New version

    Hi Blade

    Thanks for releasing the new version 2.0.1).

    This now feels like a very complete Onkyo plugin.

    The addition of two way communication/polling and HS devices for power, muting, volume and input along with multi-zone support makes me think I now have the all the functionality I need!

    As always tusks for your excellent and speedy support.

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    Nicolai L

    So can you power up & down zone 2 now with this plugin? My trial has expired and no way for me to tell. One of the big things I need for whole house audio.



      Yes - there is support for up to 4 zones per amplifier. Each amplifier has On, Standby and Toggle buttons

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      Nicolai L


        is there a list of all features this plugin can do? maybe ill have to give it a go once i get all my other stuff added.. im slowly getting things setup... still need to buy the rfxcom plugin and possibly this one... i dont have whole house audio so this would be a just because plugin with no real need....
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          See HERE

          I also just released 2.0.2 to the updater
          It has a bunch of scripting calls for controlling power, mute and volume.
          See the help web page for details.
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