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What Onkyo RCV's are supported?

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    What Onkyo RCV's are supported?

    I have the TX-NR818.

    Is this amp supported?
    Can you directly access the Surround Sound settings?


    It should work with it

    As for accessing the surround controls.... not yet. Once you play around with it and confirm it works, add a feature request on my site for what you want to see. Maybe you could start a thread and see what things people want to see (within reason please )
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      Cool, thanks Bob.

      I am still on HS2, with HS3 running in a test VM. I am still gathering all of the plug-ins I need to make the switch, and with no surprise your offerings make up where the others have left off. So I am just checking functionality at this point.

      In HS2 I am using TWA_OnkyoIntegra plug-in. It is fairly comprehensive and does allow for listening modes to be changed.

      I will post a screen shot for you as well as start that thread.

      BTW, Any thought on writing a 7MC plug-in based off of the TCP-IP source forge app?

      I really don't have the time to write one myself, but it is starting to look like I might need to.