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What Onkyo RCV's are supported?

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  • What Onkyo RCV's are supported?

    I have the TX-NR818.

    Is this amp supported?
    Can you directly access the Surround Sound settings?


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    It should work with it

    As for accessing the surround controls.... not yet. Once you play around with it and confirm it works, add a feature request on my site for what you want to see. Maybe you could start a thread and see what things people want to see (within reason please )
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      Cool, thanks Bob.

      I am still on HS2, with HS3 running in a test VM. I am still gathering all of the plug-ins I need to make the switch, and with no surprise your offerings make up where the others have left off. So I am just checking functionality at this point.

      In HS2 I am using TWA_OnkyoIntegra plug-in. It is fairly comprehensive and does allow for listening modes to be changed.

      I will post a screen shot for you as well as start that thread.

      BTW, Any thought on writing a 7MC plug-in based off of the TCP-IP source forge app?

      I really don't have the time to write one myself, but it is starting to look like I might need to.