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    Not connecting

    I have been using the Onkyo ML plugin and am switching to this one - installed, configured to correct IP and shut down the ML plugin. Restarted everything.

    The plugin creates the devices, and the status of the status device shows connected. The Onkyo doesn't respond to any commands.

    I am enclosing a log - I tried turning the power on /off and those should be captured in the log. The onkyo I have is a TX-NR809...

    Thanks for the help,
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    I do this:

    11/21/2016 4:48:25 PM : v2.0.45.0 - Process_TCP_Receiver_Message(): ERROR - Caught this exception - The operation is not allowed on non-connected sockets.

    It looks like the connection is dropping. I am not sure why it is doing that - I have not seen that with my Onkyo 636 receiver

    Are others seeing this as well?
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      Strange - I unplugged my receiver to reset it. I restarted HS and now it seems to be working just fine. For now, I am good but I will keep an eye on it.



        I see this on my TX-NR636 from time to time. It is NOT the PI problem, IMO. The NIC is the Onkyo's are know to fail of flakeout. I do the same as rileydogmi to remedy: Unplug patch cable from TX, power cycle the TX then plug patch cable back in.
        Same thing happened when I was using the TWA-Onkyo PI in HS2.

        Funny thing is that I am still again to ping the TX and log in to the receivers GUI. The receiver just stops responding to any commands, be the issued from an HS PI or from the Onkyo's own mobile app.

        BTW, this problem has yet to surface on my NR609.
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