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New Setup, MCA-88X HELP

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  • New Setup, MCA-88X HELP

    banging my head up against a wall here, I expect and hope that there is something simple that I'm leaving out. I simply cannot get my devices to talk.

    Here's the setup:

    Russound Devices & FW Config:
    Device; Type; Firmware; Controller; Source
    MCA-88x; Controller; v03.01.02; 1; n/a
    MCA-88x; Controller; v03.01.02; 2; n/a
    Streamer; Source; (controller1); n/a; 2
    ST1; Source; v01.00.01; n/a; 3
    XSource; Source; v06.01.02; n/a; 5

    RS-232 protocol: RNet
    Controller 1 has a female RS-232 COM port that is connected via a simple M-M gender changer and a standard F-F 9-pin serial cable to my HomeTroller S6 on COM2.

    Homeseer controller config:
    HomeTroller S6 with Windows Embedded Std SP1, completely up to date with all patches and .NET updates
    COM1 (not in use - tried it as well though)
    COM2 configuration: 19.2bps; data bits 8; stop bits 1; parity=off; flowctrl=off
    Software: HomeSeer S3 Professional v3.0.0.318

    BLRussound v2.0.128.0
    COM: Com2
    Port Ctrl: HomeSeer
    Extra Zone support: ON
    Extra Source Support: ON
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    You should probably log a ticket on Blade's site. He probably won't see this post.
    Originally posted by rprade
    There is no rhyme or reason to the anarchy a defective Z-Wave device can cause