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Paging with CAM6.6 & Homeseer - Need a script?

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  • Paging with CAM6.6 & Homeseer - Need a script?

    I have the BL Russound, and i'm a complete novice at scripting, but appears that's what i need to do for this solution:

    CAM6.6 doesn't have a paging audio input - which i didn't realize, so i'm trying to do a work around thats more efficient than a huge event that does the below:

    I need to turn on the audio on all 10 zones of my 2 cam6.6 (unit 1-zones 1-6, Unit -Zones 1-4), set the source to "Homeseer" (source 5), and set the volume to 50 on all zones to play an announcement through an event in homeseer.

    Then I need a script to turn all zones off, and If the zone was on previously, i'd like for restore the previous source, volume and power status (on/off).

    I have no clue how to write a script for this, but i'm assuming this would be faster and more dependable than trying to do this through an event - (what i had been doing through the UltraRussound plugin - which i'm abandoning for BLRussound)

    After messaging Blade (who was very responsive even though he was swamped at work today - suggested i try to add BLSpeech - but to post this in the forum for a quicker response)

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    So... there is a trigger on the CAM that you can use to put the unit into paging mode, but that requires a relay of sorts and a way to control that relay... so not easy.

    That being said, I have my house paging all over the place and only turning on the speakers in rooms that are occupied. I use the BLSpeech plugin and it integrates very nicely and does everything you are asking... without scripts.

    All you have to do is use the speech function in the events and BLSpeech does the rest. It will restore the zone to its previous settings once the announcement is completed. Highly recommend using the two together.


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      BLSpeech is absolutely the way to do this. You've gotta check it out!
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