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    Hi Bob,

    I have been using the ST2 device when I want to change channels and don't want to get up from my desk to change channels. It has been working well but today I figured out that the up and down for the channel only cycle through the channels associated with the current category. I wanted to put on channel 70 (Holly) but could not find the category. I went to the keypad and put it on 70 then looked at the XM assigned category. I cycled the Jazz and the Classical but channel 70 was not part of either. I then did a drop down of the categories and Standard is not on the list.

    I don't know about others, but it would be nice if the category was display only and there is a number keypad or a slider bar for the channel so you can input the channel you want and not have it be category dependent. This way, if Sirus/XM changes the categories, you do not need to do anything. Or maybe just add the keypad to the channel so you can still do the category but you can also do the channel.

    I think my XM channel lineup has changed 10 times in the last 4 weeks so it is hard to keep up with.

    I do like the new Devices for the FM/AM and the ST2.


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