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Sending Track info to Russound keypad display

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  • Sending Track info to Russound keypad display

    I'm currently using a Chromecast Audio as my primary source for my Russound MCA-C5 (which I have connected to my network via Ethernet). Works great, voice control is wonderful, etc. My Russound keypads (MDK-C6) currently all just display the source name, no track information. With the Chromecast plugin, it creates devices within HS3 with the current Artist and Title of whatever is playing and updates after every track (I primarily use Spotify, which works great). Is it possible, with the BLRussound plugin, to send this Artist and Title information to the keypad displays?

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    Hey Brett, I can't speak to the plugin since I don't write it, but the Russound integration APIs don't have a way to push track names back in to the controller. It's a one way retrieval from the controller only. So doubt the plugin will have any special way to do it.


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      I missed this post - currently not possible in the plugin
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        If anybody is looking for metadata on the MDK-C6 keypads via Chromecast Audio, check out the Russound MBX-PRE. Full metadata and track control via the keypads - has Chromecast Audio built-in. It's an awesome product.