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Setting up WHA For Speech

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  • Setting up WHA For Speech

    So I have a CAM6.6 connected to Homeseer and using this plugin to control. It's working very well. I am currently trying to come up with a solution that will add TTS to the system, but struggle to rap my head around how to implement.

    My Homeseer server is not close to my Russound unit at all (separate floors, made a long serial cable and using cat5 drop already in place to connect the two). So this is the first hurdle I need to overcome.

    I think i see people using squeezebox to add STT, but again, I am struggling to get that working (different topic). I have a raspberry pi setup with two DAC's and can play music to both easily and both show up as two separate players.

    So I guess my first ask would be, what equipment do I need to make this work, and then what plugins do I need. What are you all doing to make this work??

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    You can use the squeezebox for your TTS but it will in no way be as elegant a solution as using BLSpeech. You would have to probably make scripts to control Russound zone behavior in relation to your announcements. So you need to somehow connect a speaker client to one of the sources on your Russound amp. Then get BLSpeech. With it you can control which zone turns on for your TTS, the volume, the source and so on. It also integrates with BLRussound in that when TTS is done it will set the zone back to it's previous state. So if it was off before the TTS was sent it will turn it back off. Maybe you can install a speaker client on one of your PI's. I dunno.
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