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  • Very Basic Question

    I installed this plugin on HS2 and have been trialing it tonight. It's reading current status and seems to be working. I have a basic question that I'm trying to answer. I've read through nearly every post and am still not sure I have the answer.

    Is it true that in order to control anything on my Russound systems I need to write an event that runs a script? For example, to turn on controller 1, zone 1 I would need to write an event that runs a script and then run that event? I don't see any other way as there is nothing under the control column on the device status page.

    This is what I'm gathering but would love confirmation. What confused me was that one gentlemen said he was using HSTouch to control by calling Device Actions on button presses, etc. However I have had zero luck using actions to do anything. For example, if I create an event that calls an action to turn c1z1 power "on" and then run that event it Russound doesn't respond. However if I have the event run a script then it does.

    Just want to make sure I understand this properly before I go creating hundreds of events.

    Thanks everyone! Chad