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  • Status inaccurate?

    From a previous thread, DSteineuro confirmed that he doesn't seem to get accurate status of the settings in the plugin. It reflects accurately whatever has been SENT to the CAV, but doesn't seem to gather that data from the unit and update the devices.

    Blade, is there a possible option to have this plugin "poll" the unit at some user-set interval (and might even need to be selective about what to poll so it doesn't take too much time?) to bring things into accurate status? Or does the unit not reflect that information at all?

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    The CAM does the same thing. It doesn't sync up the sources properly if you change it locally from the panel. I've just set things up so I don't have to use the panel anymore to workaround it.


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      my cas44's update their statuses when the source or power is changed locally.
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        Power has never been an issue, seems only source. If i change it locally, sometimes it gets out of sync... and the display starts showing the source name i have it pushing from HS, vs what is really the source. Only way to fix it is to change the source from HS to sync it back up. Minor issue for me personally since I have it set to mostly be controlled from HSTouch, really the only thing the panels get used for anymore is a quick volume adjustment or to power it off.