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    So.. I'll ask my question here instead of staying up a new thread.

    Has any one thought of a way to do a local source for zones? I found a Bluetooth receiver decora device on monoprice ( I thought for some rooms this might be nice. I would want that source only available on that zone. I'm thinking though this would require another multichannel amp and something like an Arduino to switch it the speaker from the russound to the multichannel amp. I could then set one of the russound sources to local. When that source is selected I could have HS tell the Arduino to switch it.

    Am I crazy or are there any better suggestions?

    Note I have 2 elan 6 channel amps I could use for this, but I wish the russound just supported local zones.

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      Originally posted by sirmeili View Post
      I should haven't recognized by Windows Server 2012r2 for some dumb reason).

      So my question is, What are you all using for your sources and how, if at all, do you control them from Homeseer?
      I have an 2012R2 that runs Plex and I had the same issue with the sound card. I found a windows 8.1 driver and it works perfect. That server also has HS3 speaker on it and Definitive Technology speakers.

      I have an ST2 for XM (FM and AM too) to my CAM6.6. I also have an iPod port and my Plex connected as sources. Last I connected my stereo output of TV sound so I can listen to games not on XM but on TV.
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