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The state of BLRussound

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  • sirmeili
    During my testing yesterday, I had one announcement get cut short (like two words out of ten plus). That's been it though. And trust me I was making it do lots of announcements.

    My only issue now is what to actually announce without annoying the family.. Lol

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  • S-F
    started a topic The state of BLRussound

    The state of BLRussound

    I just want to check in with other BLRussound users on their experiences as of late.

    With the latest updates the plugin and its integration with BLSpeech it has been all but rock solid. I have only had three issues. Twice the zone was shut down before the TTS was completed (very long TTS) and once the preceding sound and the TTS were played at the same time. Keep in mind that this is three errors out of hundreds of announcements.

    Anyone else?