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Setting Voice in HS4

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    Setting Voice in HS4

    Does anyone know how to specify which voice to use in the parameters? I know how to code it but don't know how to find the names of the voices I have installed in windows 10. I have tried the following:
    {priority=normal,speaker=Scottsoffice,voice=david}This is a test
    {priority=normal,speaker=Scottsoffice,voice=mark}This is a test​​​​​​​
    {priority=normal,speaker=Scottsoffice,voice=zira}This is a test
    ​​​​​​​{priority=normal,speaker=Scottsoffice,voice=microsoft mark}This is a test
    ​​​​​​​{priority=normal,speaker=Scottsoffice,voice="microsoft david"}This is a test

    When spoken it seems to use the default voice I have set in Windows settings for Microsoft Mark and nothing else.
    No voice info is in the logfile.
    The logfile just shows:

    {priority=normal,speaker=Scottsoffice,queue=queue,filterleve l=1}This is a test
    If I set it to random, it speaks nothing, but it does show in the logfile:
    {priority=normal,speaker=Scottsoffice,voice=random,queue=que ue,filterlevel=1}This is a Test
    So I am guessing if the voice is not found it doesn't show in the logfile?
    I also tried Kate16 with no luck.

    David, Mark, and Zira are supposedly the ones that come with windows 10.
    Maybe the actual names are in the registry?
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    Do you have the Speaker client installed?

    Else, I don't think if there is a direct path from HomeSeer to Windows speech without the Speaker client

    Image below is speech and voice settings :

    Click image for larger version

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      Yes, I do have it installed. Let's assume I was to use Microsoft David. When I specify the voice=david it still uses the default voice as seen above, which I have set to Microsoft Mark. And it doesn't seem to matter what I call the voice, I can't get it to change. I have not tried to use the scripting approach though. I see there are some references to using the HTML brackets for that. But I am just using the examples mentioned above. In previous versions, you would use the voice of Kate but it was really kate16 or kate32. So I am not sure what the real voice name is and where the tags are searched to find the voice name. Registry? subdirectory? And also, the version shown in the blspeech video has a voice tab. The new version I am running ( does not. Thanks for the help.
      A computer's attention span is as long
      as it's powercord.


        Well, I don't know if this still applies :
        • Because of the speech gadgets like Alea, Google... they seem not to put much emphasis on the local speech although this works well remotely
        • Only HStouch clients use the local voice sent to them by the HomeSeer server
        • But if you have Android devices you can easily use all voices you choose with the Tasker Plug-in
        • There is also BLSpeech which takes to the next level : (You may need to contact him about HS4) But you can try before you buy.
        Edit : I didn't realise you were in the BLSpeech forum ..but there you have it!

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          As it's Windows 10 it could also be linked to permissions :

          Also search along those lines as else may not be plug-in related but other. Here is one more : (may be unrelated but worth investigating) . I didn't get much into it though.

          More on that here :

          TinkerLand : Life's Choices,"No One Size Fits All"


            Originally posted by Eman View Post
            [*]There is also BLSpeech which takes to the next level : (You may need to contact him about HS4) But you can try before you buy.

            I bought it since it was on sale in November. I have been looking at it for a while, but didn't want to commit until I knew I could buy it. Otherwise you put all your code in one basket and then when the trail expires, it stops working. Did that with the Elk interface. Had to get some funds together at the last second.
            A computer's attention span is as long
            as it's powercord.


              Not a BLSpeech user ... for ordinary HomeSeer speech, the voices that work are older '32-bit' voices. These aren't the ones shown in the Windows 10 settings (Settings->Time & Lanuage->Speech). Instead go to Start->Windows System->Control Panel (this opens the Windows 7-like control panel), them Speech Recognition, then Text to Speech.

              Two 32-bit Microsoft voices were provided with my system
              Microsoft David Desktop
              Microsoft Zira Desktop

              as opposed to three 64-bit voices (note no "Desktop" suffix)
              Microsoft David
              Microsoft Zira
              Microsoft Mark

              I've installed three IVONA voices that I like better. These show up only with the 32-bit voices.

              In a 'Speak Something' event action, the following text will speak from the speaker client with the Zira voice
              <voice required='Name=Microsoft Zira Desktop'>Rusty.<break time="1s"/>You are a lazy kitty!
              Another note, the Windows 7 system running HomeSeer doesn't have, nor need to have, the Microsoft Zira Desktop voice. The voice utilized needs to be on the system running the speaker client.


                Ok. I am just going to put this out there for others to comment upon.
                I was able to get 2 of the voices to work.
                I am using HS4, and when I create an event, I select Speak Something for the trigger, then Speak.
                I use the following for BLSpeech:
                {sound=3chord}<voice required='name = Microsoft Zira Desktop'>This is a test
                {sound=3chord}<voice required='name = Microsoft David Desktop'>This is a test

                I don't know if these have to be 16 or 32-bit voices. But I also have "Microsoft Hazel Desktop" installed and can't get it to work like these others.
                All of these show up in the settings in Windows 10 when I run the C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Speech\SpeechUX\sapi.cpl to set the default voices.

                But only these 2 (David and Zira) seem to work. voice=random does not work either. It does log the voice but does not say anything.
                When using the David and Zira voices, they do not show as voice getting logged in the activity log. I suspect it is because I am passing the "voice required" directly to the speech system in windows and the BLSpeech does not see the tag since it is not in the {}.

                Perhaps Blade can comment on this when he gets back from his trip.
                I would certainly love to know the details if he can provide them (16 vs 32 bit and where it goes to get the voice names) In the older version of BLSpeech I see there was a voice tab to setup AKA names, but it has been removed in the current version. Maybe because many are using Google or Amazon for the voices now. I use the sound output from the computer, run through an Elk800 amp, and feed a speaker in the living room. I plan to add more since I have 3 of these amps. Then for testing, I setup a desktop client on my pc in my office and play all test sounds through there with my headphones on to keep the family happy.
                A computer's attention span is as long
                as it's powercord.


                  So I installed the Microsoft Hazel Desktop on my Windows 10 machine (this is not the one running HS3), and an event action speaks correctly with that voice.
                  <voice required='Name=Microsoft Hazel Desktop'>Rusty.<break time="1s"/>You are a rotund kitty!


                    Yes, but I am running HS4. So I have to use hs4.Speakproxy in my scripts. Also, if I use the If/then setup in events, I have to code it like the previous message to get it to work. I have not worked on the vb scripting syntax yet.
                    A computer's attention span is as long
                    as it's powercord.