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Queuing and away mode

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    Queuing and away mode

    I have a slightly different use case that I can figure out a way to make it work.

    I need a mode where I can make it announce somethings, but queue others.

    There are thngs i want to to always announce but at the same time have other stuff queue up until i deceide to let that queue be processed.

    For example when i arrive home, i want to to announce certain things that it has stored in a queue.

    The same with my partner.

    Or at night there are certain things that are high priority that i need it to announce and wake me up, but at the same time i would like the lower priority stuff to queue up som i can here it when i come out of night mode?

    What about extra personal queues? i would love a queue that i can but announcements for me in, then i can set a rule in HS to activate the queue to be read out.