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How to use BLSpeech tags with BLRandom?

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    How to use BLSpeech tags with BLRandom?

    How does one use BLRandom in conjunction with BLSpeech? I just loaded BLSpeech and already use BLRandom. I'm trying to figure out how to specify which queue speech should go in.

    Here's basically what I want to do.

    Set the queue mode to AWAY once we've gone to bed.
    Any messages that are spoken during the night are queued.
    My wakeup event speaks a good morning greeting
    I'd like to set that greeting as high priority so it is spoken BEFORE anything that happened at night.

    So i'd like this line:

    &hs.speak hs.plugin("BLRandom").RandomizeGroup("GoodMorningGreeting")

    to be high priority so that it is spoken before anything else in the queue. How do I do that?

    Sorry it's early and I'm not wrapping my head around this.