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    Hey guys, I have been reading through a lot of various threads about this, but I am having a hard time getting all the info put together. I am trying to get some IR commands trained into HS3 so that I can use my Harmony remote to trigger some events and devices within HS.

    I used to have this setup in HS2 to do things like trigger an event upon turning my system on, turning the system off, trigger on pause and play. Very simple stuff.

    I am looking for how you guys have trained commands into HS3 and how you have setup the BLUSBUIRT plugin up.

    I know this is a very simple and somewhat stupid request, but the information is very scattered across the forum and I thought that with this thread we could get a few answers in a single place.

    Thanks in advance for all your help in advance!

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    Old thread resurrected but I've got the same problem.

    There's info scattered all over the place and nothing I've tried makes stuff just work.

    It's not complex, all I want to do is have HS learn and IR code and the rest is just a bit of work with events... easy... you'd think.

    But it is not.

    Days and days I've trawled here, posted to ask and nobody seems to know the answer or, if they do, they ain't telling anyone!

    I know this is a free plugin, I get it but for me it doesn't work at all.

    I get the learn window that seems to do not much of anything, times out and doesn't learn a thing.

    It is desperately frustrating to know this can do all I need yet not to be able to make it or even find out how to make it actually work.



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      Did you guys get this working? I'd be happy to try to help if I can. I don't think this forum gets much traffic which may be why nobody has offered help.

      Neither post described the problem in great enough detail for me to offer any suggestions at this point. What exactly are you experiencing? Is anything working? What is not working?


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        I am also having some issues setting this up.
        I have created a device - but when I click on "learn" - nothing happens. - no pop up or anything - even when I use the remote with the device.

        can anyone provide information on how to learn a remote signals?


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          No, I never got it to work.



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            Problem partly resolved - it turned out that I needed the driver installed/updated - which allowed the existing configs to start working.
            it is now sending the existing commands that I had set up some years ago.

            however - I still cant learn any new IR commands.
            when I click on the learn icon - nothing happens... no window or anything.

            can anyone else still add new IR signals?


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              Yes, you need the driver from the usb-uirt website. Once that is installed, a window SHOULD popup on the host machine when you click the 'Learn' button. Then you need to press the button on the remote twice. I always press and hold for about a second, release for a second, then press and hold for a second again.

              There is no popup window in the browser itself, only the host operating system, Windows.

              There is also a little app available for the USB-UIRT that will capture IR signals and allow you to inject them into HomeSeer. It also allows you to past in IR codes from site like and inject those as well. The downside to injecting IR codes is that it appears this plugin will not trigger an IR match on those injected IR signals. You must learn via the plugin directly and 2 press process. Good luck!