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I can Learn and Send a code, but not detect

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  • I can Learn and Send a code, but not detect


    I have a LG B6 OLED TV with one of those Wii style pointer remotes. That said, it still sends IR for some things. I'm trying to detect when the remote's power button is pressed. The UIRT can learn the power toggle press, it can send the power toggle press and control the TV, but the event I have setup to trigger on that IR code match never fires. Any idea why that might be?

    The helper app has detected a few slightly different hex codes that I then injected into HS. I have learned 3 slightly different codes that all successfully turn the TV on/off. I have an event set to fire if any of the 3 are detected. No matter how many times I press the power button on the remote in front of the UIRT, the event never fires.

    I have enabled debug logging but I'm not seeing anything in the HS log. I don't see any entries about it sensing the IR in the BLUSBUIRT-Detiled Log either.

    I have some events working off of IR match from a different remote.

    Where can I look next?

    Much thanks for any assistance!

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    I figured out the issue and feel like I may have come across this before. However it had been so long since I added IR codes to BLUSBUIRT that I had forgotten.

    I was using the IR helper application to capture the codes and then 'inject' them into HS. Apparently that process doesn't work if you want to do an IR match on that IR code, but it does work perfectly fine if you only need to send that IR code.

    If you want to learn an IR code that you want to match off of to trigger an event, you must do the normal, 2 press, learn process. Do not 'inject' the IR code via the helper app.

    Hope this helps someone else.