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Manually enter an IR code?

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  • Manually enter an IR code?

    Is there a way to manually enter an IR code?

    Samsung has 3 codes for power.

    Toggle on/off
    Discrete on
    Discrete off

    If I learn a command, it learns the toggle on/off.

    So if I create an event to turn the lights off, tv off, etc. It sends the toggle command which means if the tv is already off, it turns it on!
    I want to be able to send a discrete off command so if the tv is already off, it does nothing.

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    I am just now digging into IR on my new HS3 setup.

    I will also be looking to do this same thing. With HS2, I used some UIRT utility to paste in codes from for discrete actions that can't be learned from the remote. Does this ability exist with UIRT for HS3?



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      I found the utility I used to inject those ir codes. Can I post that here?

      That site has been very useful. Discrete IR control is very important in a home automation setup.
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        I'll be damned, it worked! Well, this version worked. The later versions I had complained about some missing .dll file.

        For those looking for discreet codes:

        1) Run the attached app
        2) Enable learning via the HS3 plugin
        3) This app will then display a new button w/ 'Inject' on it
        4) Press it
        5) Press 'No match' on the plugin learning window that is waiting for a second press

        Enjoy! I know I will, assuming no progress on the HS2 import script...
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          Boy do I feel stupid. I should really read and try more things before I post: