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    Totally lost

    Hey guys, I am trying to get my USB-UIRT set back up after having it down for a LONG time.

    I have configured the plugin and have the instance running remotely and it shows:

    Connected, waiting to be initialized...

    I am trying to learn IR codes, but am having a heck of a time getting them to learn so I thought I would just use some existing codes from a device file I found on Remote Central. I am planning to add a Lutron IR fan control to my Harmony, and then plug those codes into HS via BLUSB-UIRT.

    Issue is that I have absolutely no idea how to add them to the config file. Would someone mind posting up their config file and giving me a quick rundown on how you configured your plugin?

    Thanks in advance guys!

    There is an accessory program for the USBUIRT called " learn helper". Are you using it? When you are trying to learn codes, the window will sometimes open behind the plugin window. You need to minimize the plugin window. When learning codes, make sure your remote is really close to the USBUIRT; 1-2 inches.

    Steve Q

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      I have the LRNHELPER.exe program, but it does not pop up when I click learn in HS. I can run it manually, but then I do not believe that it populates the config file. When using a remote UIRT where should the LRNHELPER file be and where should I be clicking Learn?

      Is there a way to just take IR codes from a document and paste them into the config file?

      Sorry for the stupid questions guys, this one is just a bit weird.


        Any chance that someone would post the contents of their hspi_BLUSBUIRT.ini file? If I can see how the file is laid out with IR codes in it then I think I can get the codes from files pulled into it. I really just need the format for one of the IRCode_ lines in the config file, but the whole file would be appreciated.

        Thanks in advance guys.