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Pause versus Stop

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    Pause versus Stop

    What is the difference between "pause" and "stop" in the status? I am using SoundTouch Wireless Link.

    I ask because I'm trying to figure out if there is any difference when I design my events.

    If you set to "pause" or "stop" the status ends up as "PAUSE_STATE".

    I have a keep alive event but I did notice that my player went into "play" status from "pause" without me doing anything. To be fair it could have been all the testing I was doing with it. It made me wonder if there is a difference between pause and stop.

    The pause / stop functionality on a SoundTouch player or adapter is not outstanding. The plugin sends commands to the player or adapter and then updates the play status device based on what is received back.

    More information here

    You can use the app on a mobile device to see the difference in pause / stop based on what you are playing.