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Event THEN design

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    Event THEN design

    Say I have an event that does 4 different things to the player. For example turns player on, changes to preset 1, sets volume to 11 and set shuffle on.

    If I understand the eventing system correctly it would not be a good idea to submit them all in the same then. Would I want to create a seperate "THEN" for each action?

    Would I even consider pausing between each for a second or two. I know the change preset can take some time to actually go into affect for example.

    Do you have problems when they are all submitted to the player one after the other in a THEN? Think of the plugin as if it were the mobile app, just sending commands to the player. If you can get reliable behavior when sending everything all together then go for it. If perhaps the preset step takes a bit longer you might consider a wait step right afterwards.