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The new SoundTouch Audio Notification API

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  • ChrisH
    I got the same notification yesterday from Bose about the new API. It looks like this is what SmartThings hub is already using to do announcements.

    When you log onto the developer site it says that "production-level call limits, please apply to be a Works with Bose Partner."

    I have applied in the past to become a Bose Partner but was not able to get registered. I applied again yesterday for the official Bose partner "Works with Bose" program so hopefully this time it will go through.

    I would like to have the audio announcements too!

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  • superpups
    started a topic The new SoundTouch Audio Notification API

    The new SoundTouch Audio Notification API

    Yesterday I got the message from Bose about their new Notification API. Short description:
    The SoundTouch Audio Notification API allows your applications to initiate playback of a specified network-accessible audio file on a SoundTouch product. Upon initiating playback of an Audio Notification using this API, the target speaker will gracefully stop whatever its doing, play the Audio Notification, and then resume whatever it was doing.

    ChrisH, do you think it will be possible to add the support of this new API in the plugin?
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