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    Hi Chris,

    Is there a way for the plug-in to find a Soundtouch device by MAC ID number or through the Soundtouch App? I find that on some installs, the customer's router likes to re-assign IP addresses to connected device when rebooting or power cycles. Once I've added my Soundtouch device to the plug-in and created my screen in HS3Touch. I have to re-assign all the element and readd the device with the new IP Address when this hapoens. Some routers I can dedicate and IP Address to a specific device (problem solved), but some don't allow that.

    Also, how's your Bose partners coming along? I can sure use that announcement API to your plug-in.

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    Being able to accommodate a variable IP address for each BOSE player sounds like a great idea. I know most of us will have it set to a static IP in the router but this would cover people unable to do this. This is a significant change to the plugin though as everything keys off the IP address. The plugin extra data stores the IP and relies on this when refreshed. I'll see if I can think through an easier way to accommodate the enhancement.

    I am still waiting on my works with Bose partner that we need for the announcements. I'm hoping that their api gives a good experience. Example when listening to internet radio stream, say Sirius XM, then doing an announcement "Front door open". I'm hoping that the radio stream comes back quickly from the announcement and we don't have to wait for the radio to retune to Sirius. I guess we will see.


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      Since the SoundTouch is always searching the devices. Could the plug-in sign into the SounTouch account and pick the IP addresses from there. just a thought