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DenonAVR Plug-in

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    DenonAVR Plug-in

    New HS3 version almost Ready...

    This is a compact .NET4.5 plugin built using strict adherence to HomeSeer's plugin API, ensuring future generations of plugin will take full advantage new features in the latest HomeSeer 3. The plug-in uses IP network for communication to Denon Receiver.

    This plug-in performs Denon AVR Tuner/Audio/Video/iPod/XM Input and Mode Selections, Volume levels as well as Power and Standby switching for HomeSeer 3 or higher. Simple commands can be sent via Events or scripts.

    This is a no frills plugin, designed to perform reliably and quickly. Configuration INI file stores configs, and various presets, Debug with verbose Logging flag. Configuration web page is accessed through HomeSeers Setup-Interface link using standard HomeSeer API rather than ASPX and additional files.

    Please note that the help file DenonAVR-Doc.htm contains info on how to use the plug-ins commands. The help file is available from with-in HomeSeer.Help Tab.

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