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Event Based Volume Control

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    Event Based Volume Control

    I am using the DenonAVR plugin to control a 4310 receiver using a Logitech remote that sends commands through a BC-IRI unit to the plug-in. One of the most used commands is the volume control for soft, normal, loud and extraLoud. I can get these commands to execute properly from the 'DenonAVR Control' page, but the event based scripts do not work. For exampe, the script statement of &hs.plugin("DenonAVR").SetVolAVR("Soft") does not return any result. Does this statement appear correct? I've attached the logfile, but wonder if there is something else that can help diagnose why the commands are not executing.
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    I am just days away from releasing a completely re-written a matter of fact most of the functionality was converted to Eventhandlers for the IP connectivity stuff, along with that was implementing most of the missing functionality in Denon, such as Tuner support, Zone-2 and Zone-3 support...give me just a few more days and I hope to publish this new version.

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