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    Send raw denon command

    I would be very happy to pay for this plugin if it was was possible to send a "raw" denon cmd as described in their documentation i.e. cmd+parameter+CR an example would be MSSTEREO<CR> : surround Mode Set to STEREO

    I have recently bought a 2113 and some the commands are different regarding input select, this would give the plugin better compatibility with more models. I like the virtual devices that you create and they work fine. Since your plugin appears to keep a "telnet" session open all the time and the denon only has the ability to support one session I do not have the choice of writting my own telnet script and keeping your virtual devices.....and alas writing a plugin is beyond me! Any help appreciated.


    I have just found the Blade Denon Plugin that does offer this facility so for now this is my preffered approach. But I think it would still be a good function to have in your plugin, its just that I will probably purchase the blade version.