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    iTach questions

    I'm considering getting an iTach IP2IR to control my AV equipment. I have a few questions first.

    To the best of my understanding this device does not have a built-in IR code library of devices...Is this true? If true, is there a database of codes that can be downloaded and imported?

    I've read about iLearn and understand its not that difficult to do usually, but it is extremely tedious and difficult for me, a quadriplegic, to do. But doable.

    I may need up to four IR emitters and this device only includes 3. Will something like work with the iTach?

    TIA for any answers and any tips you can provide!

    You are correct in your statement that it is easy, yet tedious. There is not, to my knowledge, a built in library of IR codes. As for you needing 4 emitters, 1 of the emitters can connect up a blaster, so you can use that to control multiple devices.

    Hope this helps!


      I think the remote central site has a lot of codes you can use, but it really depends on the device itself. Some are very common and as such codes are easier to find, whilst others are much less common and as such you will need to program them yourself.

      The plugin (to my knowledge) does not have a built in code library, everything needs to be programmed, or copied and pasted in.

      The codes are in Hex format, so i think you might need to convert them to GC format, I am not to sure on how to do that though.
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        Thanks for the replies and the tip on Remote Central.


          i got the itach device setup with a wifi connection. i can control it from the gui
          but i do NOT know how to get UPB to send commands to it

          if it only works from the web gui, its useless to me
          i need to be able to press a UPB button and then trigger the appropriate IR out code

          any ideas?


            Hi chewie:

            yes you are correct, a blaster can act as a repeater for one of the outputs. all blaster emitters will send the exact same IR codes

            if you need interdependent outputs then the balster is not an option

            on my iTach, i use two outputs, they are to separate devices with separate commands. ie if you had two yamaha devices in your house and they used the same IR codes, you do not want both of them to react, but you do want to control them individually

            BTW, i could not find codes for my IR devices. i used iLearn and then just copied what it saw when i pressed the button. The is a small IR receiver at the back of the unit next to the power plus. Its is a small hole and is only use to learn IR codes. just point your remote and learn the codes. i am now trying to get my UPB devices to control the itach device through homeseer HS2 no luck yet