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how to configure an iTach device behind a wifi firewall

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    how to configure an iTach device behind a wifi firewall

    i bought the iTach device so that we could control IR devices from a UPB device ie shut a receiver off from a bed side controller. the iTach was a bit $$ for what it does, but seemed to only device homeseer supports PLUS $30 for the home seer sw

    my homeseer controller device is on the LAN side of my network.
    the iTach device is connected via wifi , thus is on the wifi side of my network.
    The wifi side is NATed to the hardwired LAN side,

    I can't find any details stating what IP ports the iTach device use. Thus i can't open the needed ports. The iTach device is on the wifi side and i can access its web browser page

    anyone done this type of setup before?

    Any tips would be useful


    Check out this:

    Suggests you might need ports: 4998, 4999 (for serial port) for communication and 9131 and/or 9132 (manual mentions both) for discovery.

    Nicolai L


      thank you very much for this quick response. i will review it and let you know if it works in my WiFi setup.

      if not, i may have to change the wifi access unit from NAt to routed


        i changed the wifi device from NAt mode to routing and enabled RIP

        home seer can still not see the device

        IMHO, the add on sw needs to have a manual add-on so that one can set the ip address


          Are your iTach on the same subnet as your HS box?

          I'm not sure you can use RIP. I think they either need to be on the same subnet or you would need to specifically use your NATing to point the relevant ports to the devices on either side.
          Nicolai L


            they are not on the same subnet. wired and wireless are separated . nat is working fine
            homeseer sees no multicast message coming in from the device. is wish there was a manual means to configure


              - my router shows that it can see both subnets

              - i can ping from the homeseer device and others on that 200 subnet to the itach device ( on 199 subnet)

              - i can ping from a pc on 199 subnet to the itach device on same 199 subnet

              - i can ping from a pc on 199 subnet to the homeseer device and others on that 200 subnet

              please let me know why the itach can't see the homeseer and the homeseer can't see the itach

              to help me and others, the itach box should allow for pings and traceroute to be done through the GUI


                I don't know for sure but perhaps the iTach discovery protocol (or the HS implementation) does not work across sub nets.

                Are you able to change the subnet mask so that the devices would appear to be on the same network ?

                Or perhaps you could get the two devices on the same sub net (at least for testing)

                Finally you could try the the UltraGCIR plug in to see if that works any better over multiple sub nets
                Nicolai L


                  Most likely the itach discovery protocol is a network broadcast, which will not carry across subnets.



                    i am now able to see the itach device from home seer. it was the wrong "home seer plug in"
                    you must use the "global cache configuration" addon plug in

                    i had to manually learn the device on and off codes from ilearn and then pasted then into the global cache configuration . i can now control from the gUI.

                    i need to be able to set up a UPB key/device button to trigger the two itach commands

                    how does one do this? normally one does all the upb configuration in UPstart and then export a file and then import the config to homeseer

                    i need tho know how i can assign a upb function to trigger a non-upb event
                    ie on a upb 8 way device cover , i wish one button to trigger the iTach device to run the rcrvr power on and the other UPB button to trigger the rcvr power off

                    any ideas?