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    I have a WF2CC or WiFi to Contact Closure. The setup menu options do not follow the setup guide or help files. I have no option to enter my WiFi SSID information so I have no idea how it can connect to my network. The light "flashes" indicating its on some network but I have not idea which one.

    It's as if the software in the WF2CC was written for some other device.

    Did you use the startup tutorial here?


      WF2CC set up problems

      The wifi part was relatively easy to set up, but I need help with the rest. First, adding the WF2CC to the Global Cache setup page caused multiple crashes and reboots. It happened so fast, that I could not save the error message in the HS Pro error message Window. For unknown reasons, it stopped crashing when adding the device, but the WF2CC set up has no fields showing for relays. I have Professional Edition on a HomeTroller. The Global Cache plugin is the latest version.


      PROBLEM SOLVED by downloading plugin again and reinstalling.
      Last edited by Richel; November 25, 2012, 05:49 AM. Reason: SOLVED


        This is just the beginning of your troubles

        I have 2 (two) iTach WF2CC units installed and operational under HS control.
        While I need at least 5 more, I'm holding it because of tech problems and I'm looking for another WiFi to contact closure interface. Here are the problems.

        1. iTach will become unresponsive randomly without any obvious reason. It comes back to normal after power cycle. Not big deal but annoying and trouble if I need to train kids and others to do it while I'm traveling.

        2. iTach does not provide a reliable status feedback to HS. For example I turn it "on" from HS and it shows "on" in HS while in reality it is "off".