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Contact Closure Sensor Push Button

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    Contact Closure Sensor Push Button

    Looks like I bought the wrong device but I'm hoping someone on here has an economical workaround for me to try.

    I bought a WF2CC iTach device and thought I'd be able to sense whether a switch is in open/closed status. Unfortunately it looks like I can only turn a relay on or off with this device Is this really the case?

    What I'm trying to do: By status change trigger an event in Homeseer. The button that will change the status (close circuit) is in my detached garage.

    Roadblock: From my garage I can connect to my WiFi network but I'm unable to get my Zwave and Insteon devices to work from there as it's too far from other nodes in my house.

    Unfortunately you got the wrong device. You would need

    and GC100 and wifi router since GC100 is Ethernet based.

    What might work is

    I covered in below thread how to use it as contact closure sensor. Since it is powered by 110V it might have better range/stronger Z-wave signal then battery operated sensors like SM103.


      Thank you for the detailed reply. I'll let you know what I decide to do. Still may use an iTach as its not too much more and I know it will work instead of gambling with ZWave.