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GlobalCache IR signal update

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    GlobalCache IR signal update

    I am having a problem when trying to update an IR signal from the globalcache configuration page. When it reads from the globalcacheir.dat file it reads the code fine. If I try to update the code it shows complete and in the globalcacheir.dat file it adds a new line with the location (0=sendir......) where all the other entries are (LOC-0=0|sendir.......). The old codes work but no updates can be applied to the existing codes or the new ones added do not work. I have updated to the latest version of hspro .60 and also the latest plugin with no luck. I have deleted all the codes and readded with same issue. Anyone seen this issue? I think it is when the webpage writes to the file. It reads in one format and writes in a different one.

    Same issue! The only thing I can do to update it is to delete the code and re-add it.

    You should issue a bug report on it. The more bug reports they get, the more likely they will fix it. Yeah, yeah, I know, all the programmers are busy working on HS3, blah blah...
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