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    Thanks Looms,

    I've got a real good feel for what would be my IR setup. Just as u stated I plan to set mine up but I ran into a snag with HD media distribution to my many zones.

    In another post I'm discussing it and ill take the caption from it to here incase yall know of something that don't.
    """""" One area I am struggling in is with choices of AVRs. Most all AVRs don't output HDMI on more than one zone (unless u pay $2000 plus) or won't do downscaling so HDMI soure can't be outputted on composite or competent. It's my intent to house all my media gear in a dedicated cabinet and feed it to each room via HDMI cable.

    With the above in mind what solutions are there for HD media distribution to at least 7 rooms with TV and 1 theater room with surround sound?""""

    Any insight would be helpful.

    PL: Insteon PLM,Insteon Thermostat , UltraM1G, RainRelay8, UltraECM3, UltraPioneerAVR3, BLBackup, weatherXML, Jon00 Network & PC Monitor
    HW : Win 7 64bit, Intel i7-2600, 16 GB DDR3 Ram, 60 Plus Insteon Dual Band Devices, Rain8 Pro2, Elk M1 Gold, Brueltech GreenEye.