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Send RS-232 Command from GC-100 to Nuvo GC

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    Send RS-232 Command from GC-100 to Nuvo GC

    I just Installed plugin For Global Cache GC-100 12 to my HSpro to control NuVO Grand concerto VIA RS-232

    I connected RS-232 from Nuvo to GC-100 and

    HSpro has detected my GC-100 attached screen Shot


    How do i control my Nuvo?
    What am i Missing?
    How do i send command to Nuvo?
    Do i need to create script?
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    I just removed my Bitwise ( lack of support ) and installed the GC-100-12. I can get into it via http, and connect but doesn't seem to hold changes.. I can talk to it with their test utility, but their locate utility it will not find it, nore will homeseer.
    still at what did I miss
    Ubuntu on the Intel NUC ( 8i5BEK ), 32 G, 250G SSD, V4 Pro 😎