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WF2IR and Homeseer

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    WF2IR and Homeseer

    Hi all,
    I am trying to get the itach/global cache "WIFI 2 IR" to work with my Homeseer Pro installation.

    I have setup the controller and Homeseer can see it, I use the iLearn software to grab the commands then feed them into Homeseer.

    Each time I use iTest, the lights on each of the ports light up, but each time I use the learned commands in Homeseer is simply does nothing.

    The configuration screen has a link "View IR Signals to set zone of devices" that seems like it should allow me to create zones - but each time I type a name for the zone and click enter, it just reloads the same screen.

    Again, if I take Homeseer out of the equation, the commands all fire and control the TV, Media Center, xBox without issue. I simply can't get this plugin working - and the manual is sooooo different to the actual plugin it's ridiculous.

    Any help would be far better than what I have at my disposal.


    Ok, now I have enabled the Infrared in Internet Explorer and now able to set zones.

    But now I have an option in the interfaces to select which com port for the ir controller - it's wifi, what's the com port for a wifi device? Who comes up with this stuff? Anyway, can't even guess this one. There are no documents and no configuration files remotely talking about a wifi com port.

    Assistance is greatly needed and appreciated.

    Workaround selecting Infrared:


      Here's some hope.

      I'll give it a try.


        I don't have one of these but I do have a Wifi-Serial port.
        To use it I needed to install some software that would convert the IP (telnet) stream to a virtual COM port.

        Tricky to set up but it works and works really well.

        they make free software for windows.
        Hardware Group Virtual Serial Port

        Before settling on this, I tried about 15 others....

        Perhaps this is the same thing for your device.

        Good luck! Let me know if you get mad and want to sell it for cheap! hehe