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GC100 Problem with HSPRO

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    GC100 Problem with HSPRO

    I just installed the HSPRO on the new computer along with the GC100 plug-in
    I'm getting the following error (4 times):
    "6/6/2013 5:01:16 PM - Global Cache Error - Time out occured because carriage return not received. The request was not processed."
    I disable and enabled the GC100, with no change...same error.
    Has anybody run into this problem? The GC Plugin worked fine with the HS2 but not so with HSPRO.

    Same here, using HSPro and the GC plugin version:

    Also, where does one change the timeouts for the GC response?

    I've looked and looked, but don't see where to set that.
    Other automation software exposes a value for the timeout before it gives up on a command sent to the GC. I have been successfully using 700ms in another product against this same GC-100.


      Adding my name to the list here as well.

      .81 of HS Pro
      .09 of the GC Plugin.
      Transitioning to HS3Pro .298 - WinXPEmbedded

      Hometroller S3 Pro - WinXPEmbedded - HSP - BLStat - HSPhone - HSTouch Srvr - Touchpad - BLLan - BLOccupied - DSC Plug - BLStat .38