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GC Pro doesn't create device(s) for IP2SL

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  • GC Pro doesn't create device(s) for IP2SL

    I recently purchased a IP2CC, and a IP2SL. The IP2CC is to control the up and down movement of my projector screen. The IP2SL is to control my projector.

    installed the IP2CC this morning, enabled GC Pro, added the IP2CC and devices were created for the three relays. Connected everything up, created some events, and it works like a champ.

    I then attempted to set up the IP2SL. Did the config on the device it self. Added it to GC Pro, but no device(s) are created for it. Tried removing the IP2SL from GC Pro and re-adding a couple of times. Stopped and restarted HS3. Still no device(s).

    Nothing shows in the log even with debugging logging turn on in GC Pro.

    Here's what the GC Pro settings look like:

    ​​​​​​​Click image for larger version

Name:	Capture1.PNG
Views:	232
Size:	93.6 KB
ID:	1285799

    Current Date/Time: 2/17/2019 3:01:26 PM
    HomeSeer Version: HS3 Pro Edition
    Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro - Work Station
    System Uptime: 0 Days 0 Hours 15 Minutes 52 Seconds
    IP Address:
    Number of Devices: 203
    Number of Events: 58
    Available Threads: 200
    HSTouch Enabled: True
    Event Threads: 0
    Event Trigger Eval Queue: 0
    Event Trigger Priority Eval Queue: 0
    Device Exec Queue: 0
    HSTouch Event Queue: 0
    Email Send Queue: 0
    Anti Virus Installed: Windows Defender
    In Virtual Machine: No MFG: shuttle inc.
    Enabled Plug-Ins BLBackup BLDenon BLOccupied Blue-Iris drhsIpPlugIn Global Cache Pro MeiKu PHLocation2 Pushover 3P Z-Wave

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    Did you ever figure this out?


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      For the IPSRL you have to write your own scripts. In linux this is a "Program". I have 2 serial units attached to serial inputs of Samsung tvs. I wrote 2x7 scripts in bash shell for on, off, volume up, volume down, mute and 2 hdmi inputs. Then I created to virtual devices with the buttons and then events behind them to run the program. It wasn't too hard.

      I also have a 8x8 hdmi switched controlled on serial. I only had to write one scripts as I was able to pass variable. I created the virtual device for each output (combined some on the virtual device for the tvs) and created 64 events.