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Device action popup - can you add the unit to the selection too?

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  • Device action popup - can you add the unit to the selection too?

    Just installed the plugin - love it, but...

    When I create events, the device popup isn't showing the unit name so I don't know which TV to choose - can it also show the unit name and the device to control?

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    I've programed a lot with the global cache pro and never have used that command. Try this. ..

    Control a homeseer Device
    Select the global cache device to be controlled.
    Then select the command to be sent.

    If your going to program a button for a channel like 1026 try inserting 200 millisecond delay between each digit

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      Well, it turns out that popup is generated from the created device name when you lookup the device online - you can't rename it there and it will be called TV. For example, if you look for manufacturer LG, choose TV - the device created is TV.

      But, that also creates a device in HS - and, I just went to that device in device management and renamed it "TV - Bedroom" and now the popup makes sense! No more string of TV's.