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Continous IR commands on Volume controls - SOLVED

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  • Continous IR commands on Volume controls - SOLVED

    I needed to create a repeating IR event that will start and stop when a Press and Release event happens on a button.

    Using a Volume UP and Volume DOWN command you can have smooth continuous IR control, the solution is simple using Designer.

    The trick is this:
    "Action When Pressed" sends the IR command to change the volume (sendir)
    "Action When Released" sends an IR command to stop changing (stopir)

    In Global Cache there are two things you need to do:
    1. Modify the Volume UP and DOWN IR commands to repeat
    2. Create an IR command called STOP-IR

    Once this is done be sure that Action When Pressed commands the repeating Volume control.
    ..and be sure that Action When Released sends the STOP-IR command, which cancels any remaining repeat commands.

    The repeat factor is the first number after the frequency in the IR code set, I changed mine to 50 repeats.

    Modify and save your changes on the Manage Codes tab in Global Cache PRO.

    Then create a new IR function called STOP-IR for that same unit

    Save this new command and it will be available in the IR Device in designer.

    Stand back and be amazed! It works as simple as holding a volume key down on a standard remote control.

    Tap the volume button in Touch and the volume changes, one. Hold the touch button down and the volume changes continuously, and stops when you release the button.

    I'm working on a Video Conferencing cameras project and will be applying this to the Scan Left, Scan Right, Tilt Up, Tilt Down, Zoom In, and Zoom Out.
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