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Harmony Hub status seems to get ignored

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    Harmony Hub status seems to get ignored

    Hi guys,

    I am trying to create an event which in its simplest form checks for the status of a hub, and if it is "PowerOFF" sets a virtual device ("Harmony Hubs ON/OFF Status") to OFF.

    The hub and its devices are all correctly setup and the statuses show up correctly in the device manager. Also, I am able to control the Harmony Hub activity in the HS device manager using the dropdown. (Just to be sure, I deleted all of the devices, then rescanned both hub activities and devices as well).

    The event is setup as follows:

    IF event triggered manually
    AND "HarmonyHub1_LR" = PowerOFF
    THEN Set "Harmony Hubs ON/OFF Status" = OFF

    I test as follows:

    1) Turn on the hub to activity "Apple TV (Living Room)"
    2) Manually turn on the virtual device "Harmony Hubs ON/OFF Status"
    3) Run the above event

    When I run the event, the virtual device turns OFF, which is not correct as the hub is not set to "PowerOFF".

    I have tried various other tests to prove if the event reads the hub activity status or not, and in all cases the status seems to be ignored.

    I have attached a screenshot showing the setup - any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Attached Files

    Forgot to mention software versions:

    Harmony Hub plugin =
    HomeSeer Version = HS3 Pro Edition (Windows)
    OS = Microsoft Windows 7 Professional - Work Station 6.1.7601 Service Pack: 1.0


      How are you running the event?

      If you are running it manually from the Event Management page, it will ignore all conditions and run the action.

      If you are running it from another event, the conditions will only be observed if you have "Run Only if Other Event Conditions are TRUE" is checked under advanced options. Read here.


        Thanks for your fast and helpful reply - I honestly wasn't aware of this. I will retest with the correct config and get back to you.

        Thanks again