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Harmony Hub Hangs

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    Harmony Hub Hangs

    I now have an issue that my Harmony Hub hangs/is extremely sluggish, which appears to be related to this plugin. On the computer that runs Homeseer, I get a high CPU utilization for the plugin executable (harmonyhubcontrol.exe?) and multiple instances of the executable. When the Harmony Hub becomes unresponsive, if I disable the plugin in Homeseer, the Harmony Hub still hangs and I notice that the harmonyhubcontrol.exe still is active in task manager. It requires a reboot so that it clears and HS3 is still set to disable the plugin. Once rebooted, the Harmony Hub clears up and works with no issues.

    It just started to do this recently. I have updated to the latest versions of all plugins, HS3 and run Windows 10, which is also updated. Harmony Hub is on latest software as well.

    Harmony Hub -
    HS3 -
    Windows 10 - 1703

    Thankfully I don't use this plugin much, so I can live with it disabled for now, but still would like to figure out why it is causing the Harmony Hub to hang.