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  • Some commands do not execute

    I'm trying to make my BlueIris installation to stream via Chromecast to my Samsung TV. Or rather - I'm using the Blue Iris plugin to trigger a video cast to my TV set. In order for that to work I need my event to first switch the TV input to HDMI3 where my Chromecast is connected.

    I'm using the "Control a device" command set in the event where there are a lot of soft "keys" that can be sent. All commands like "power on", "toggle power", "channel 1" allright. But not any of the commands where it should be possible to change input (tv, hdmi1, hdmi2 etc).

    Output in log file (with debug enabled) shows nothing but was is expected;
    dec-25 19:20:55 Harmony Hub Plugin: Harmony Hub CAPIcontrol values: Hub1-Logitech Harmony Hub Device-66-Samsung TV-45462375-InputHdmi3
    dec-25 19:20:55 Device Control Device: 2 Vardagsrummet Samsung TV to InputHdmi3 (66)
    dec-25 19:20:55 Event Event Trigger "Test: HDMI3 på Samsung TV"
    dec-25 19:20:55 Event Event Test: HDMI3 på Samsung TV triggered by the event page 'Run' button.
    But the Samsung TV does not seem to receive the command. Any idea of what I'm doing wrong?
    (By the way - the streaming itself works just beautiful if I first manually switch to hdmi3)

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    I can add that all commands works very well if sent from the app in my smartphone. Have anyone seen his odd behavoiur before?


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      Just to let you know that this plugin is not maintained anymore .

      You can try the sirmeli’s one


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        Ok, that´s sour.... But thank you for the information!