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Connecting to Lync HTD System

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  • Connecting to Lync HTD System

    Trying to connect to my Lync 6 System by HTD and no such luck. I have the Lync plug in and trying the HTD Audio 3 plug in. With the Lync plugin it asks for Com port for which I have the system setup with the Gateway GW-SL1 and entering the IP address the HTD Plug in cannot connect to the system. I have the Lync APP and works fine connecting to the system. What is needed to make this connection work. Thanks

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    I have this working on a virtual machine. I use a comport emulator (free) to make it work. The software is called "Virtual Serial Ports Emulator". The port will be the IP address of the GW-SL1 with a port of 10006.


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      I am having a similar problem. I'm not quite sure I understand the workaround. I have the GW-SL1 on port 10006, and and the MCA-66 system. I did select MC66, selected my IP address for the GW-SL1. So the main question - does the plug in work with the MC66/MCA66 and GW-SL1? If not, how exactly do I install this "virtual port" software/hardware with the GW-SL1?


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        I just realized I needed the format to call the port versus I'm in business!


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          I am new here. I just purchased this plugin. I can’t get it to connect. This is the message i am getting. Please help Click image for larger version

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            Now i am getting this. It won’t give me the ability to select the port.
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